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Case Studies

BOND LOSS - Completed a bond loss of over 1.5 million dollars. It was determined that funds were being diverted to the contractor who purchased a new home with a down payment of 1.3 million dollars, as well as the purchase of a rental property with family members.


LOCATE - Located a Beneficiary of an Estate that no one had contact with for over 20 years. Found living on Government Assistance in the basement of a home. He had no home telephone number and no cellular number. He was not aware that his mother had passed away nearly 1 year before we found him.


OFF-SHORE BANK ACCOUNTS - Well over $600,000.00 traced to an Off-Shore bank account. Money was being hidden, after a Bond Loss.


INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS - Over the last 30 years, due to our investigations, we have saved Insurance companies millions of dollars in claims with our surveillance results.


INVESTIGATION - A discreet Surveillance and Covert Activities was conducted on a business. Due to information obtained, an Anton Piller Search Warrant was obtained on the business. Evidence was videotaped and removed from the business premise and the residence of the owner.

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