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Gerald Davies, a licensed Private Investigator since 1971, and former Police Officer, founded G. Davies & Associates in March of 1987 and continues to bring all clients quality reports at excellent rates.


All G. Davies & Associates Investigators are professionally trained in all levels of expertise and are motivated to continue our tradition of quality.  We will work with you to provide successful investigative solutions for all your personal requirements. 


Based out of Ontario, Canada, we have completed well over 11,000 successful investigations since our incorporation, serving Insurance Companies, Independent Adjusters, Law Firms & the Corporate world in solving the problems of day to day business.


We have saved millions of dollars of reserves for Life and Health Insurance, along with Death Claims and Travel Insurance.


Our Investigations are completed worldwide, through our network of associates. We offer a total service package, complete & confidential. Whether you are fighting insurance fraud, rooting out the undesirable element in the work place, or winning a case, G. Davies & Associates is your expert investigative firm.


Please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.


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